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Chemical Engineering Department at MIT. 

Biological Engineering Department at MIT. 

Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL) at MIT. 

BioMicroCenter integrated genomics core at MIT.

Swanson Biotechnology Center at the Koch Institute. 

Love Lab Wiki (internal use only).


Data Analysis Tools

IMGT for immunoinformatics and immunogenetics.

Galaxy is an open source, web-based platform for large scale data analysis.

GenePattern is a genomic analysis platform providing tools for gene expression analysis, RNA-seq analysis, and other data processing tools.

Weighted gene co-expression network analysis (WGCNA) can be used to find correlated genes in expression data.

Cytoscape is an open source software for visualizing expression networks.

CellProfiler is an open source tool for automated image analysis.



The Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT, and Harvard.

David Hafler, Yale School of Medicine Department of Neurology.

The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.